Asset Disposal Services

Foundry Machinery and Support Equipment

As a result of the closure of our client’s foundry operations, the entire contents of the facility have become available for sale initially by private treaty.  A good proportion of the machinery and contents carries no reserve price. 

All offers will be reported to our client for their consideration.

This is a summary of what’s available:

(1) 2 off Sand Silos

(2)  2 off Sand Mixers

(3)  Fordath Batch Mixer

(4)  A Complete Sand Reclaim Unit

(5)  4 off Melting Furnaces:

– 1 off Morgan Lift Out Gas Fired Furnace Type L03.  

– 1 off Morgan BT500 Tilter Gas Fired Furnace Type BT500.

– 2 off Taylormade Induction Electric Melting Furnaces.   

(6)  A Quantity of Mould Boxes

(7)  Contents of the Pattern Shop

(8)  Support/Miscellaneous/Materials Handling and Dust Collection / Extraction Equipment

(9) A Good Quantity of Pallet Racking

In the event that we do not secure a speedy sale of the line by private treaty, this will be going into an online timed auction.  

Please note that 10% Buyer’s Premium will be added on to any successful bid(s) in any private treaty sale.  Should the line go into an online auction, Buyer’s Premium of 16% will be added on to successful bid(s).  A speedy private treaty sales offer you the Buyer certainty and lower BP.

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