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Selling Your Surplus Machinery Through Asset Disposal Services Limited

We Offer A Range of Asset Disposal Solutions

Online Sales Methods

As no one has any time any more, the internet has become the tool of choice for both sellers and buyers, bringing them both under the same ‘digital’ roof.   

We create engineer-focused lotting particulars and marketing material, then, working with our preferred auction platform provider, Bidspotter, we expose your surplus assets to the UK and international markets.  

There are several types of online sale available through us, including timed auction , tender/catalogue sale and webcast.   


Private Treaty Sales

Sometimes a private treaty sale can be the best option, sometimes where time is very short it is the only option available. 

The main differences between a private treaty and an online auction sale are speed, Bidspotter are not involved, and cost.  We have built our own database of potential interested parties, enabling us to get good results even with the smaller reach.

What does it cost and what do we do?

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Our charging structure is very simple.

Unless there are extenuating circumstances, we will never ask sellers for an upfront payment, we only get paid when we achieve a sale. 

In auction sales we typically charge the seller a commission based on the sale price of the asset(s), and the buyer a similar sum by way of ‘Buyer’s Premium’. 

On private treaty sales, we typically charge the seller the same level of commission, but reduce the Buyer’s Premium to reflect our lower costs. 

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Collective Auctions

In a collective auction we sell the surplus assets from several clients.  Clients can put as few or as many items in the auction as they like.  Some clients prefer to spread their disposals through the year by including them in a collective auction rather than a single annual event auction.     

Collective auctions provide our clients with a route to dispose of their surplus machinery whose value does not justify an event auction.   They are a useful alternative to selling to a dealer or scrapping a machine.

We run a collective auction at least every two months.

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Event Auctions

An event auction is your own personal auction, containing only your machinery.

Event auctions enable our marketing efforts to be focused intensely on a specific sector over several weeks.

We run event auctions as and when client demand dictates.   

Private Treaty Sales

If you have only a very short time in which you simply have to dispose of some machinery – say where you have new machinery arriving soon or you are handing the property back – a private sale might be the best option for you.

Under a private treaty sale, we circulate our database of ‘end users’, dealers, machinery de/re-commissioning companies, and dismantlers setting them a very short date by when they have to submit offers.  Those offers are then put to you for your approval, or not. 

In private treaty sales what we may lose through our marketing being necessarily restricted, we can gain in terms of time.   

Webcast and Catalogue Sales

A webcast sale is an auction that is broadcast live over the internet.

A catalogue sale is a lot more private – bidders make bids direct to us, only we and you get to see them. 

Sell your Machinery

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Rolling Asset Disposal Plans

Do you have a system for regularly identifying surplus assets?

Many businesses do not have a formal process for identifying assets which become surplus, and in such a fast moving world where every square metre of space counts, this can cause major problems over time.  

We recommend that all companies adopt a ‘Rolling Asset Disposal Plan’.  That involves carrying out an annual appraisal at the same time as they prepare their annual budget, assessing their machinery needs for the coming year, bringing together the cash, operational and asset requirements of the business. 

You can learn more about Rolling Asset Disposal Plans by downloading our free paper below.  By doing so you will be automatically subscribed to our mailing list.  You can always unsubscribe later if it’s not for you.