Asset Disposal Services

Testimonials and Case Studies

Here are are a few of our recent assignments to give you an idea as to the sort of work we do…

Internationally acclaimed office furniture manufacturer – upgrade of production line

We received a call from a Welsh company we’d never worked for before, their maintenance manager had been instructed to ‘get rid’ of a semi automated line of 3 Hare Presses as they had a new line arriving in four weeks’ time. The imminent arrival of a major new line meant that the ‘old’ Hare line had to go and as it had been fully written off in the books, the client’s FD was not overly worried about what could be raised for it.

The Hare line, although over ten years old, would undoubtedly be a step up for many sheet metal processors , one person could do the job of 4, there was undoubtedly a market for the line as a whole, we just needed to find it, and quickly.

We circulated our database of sheet metal companies, offering the line for sale by short notice online timed auction through Bidspotter, producing videos and brochures to promote the sale. After some early bidding by dealers and opportunist buyers, two sheet metal companies who were looking to make that step up into semi automation without breaking the bank bid in earnest against each other. And ultimately the party who bought the line were only 15 miles down the road from our client, but our client didn’t know them!

The sale put over £50k into our client’s pocket for a line they were prepared to scrap… helped out a fellow Welsh company …. enabled that company to make a risk free step up into semi-automation … saved some of the earth’s resources… and what’s more, saw us getting paid too!

Tier One Automotive Supplier – out with the old, in with the new

A multinational tier one automotive supplier based in the East Midlands had come to the end of its contract with one of its customers, and was to embark soon on a new contract. Approximately 100 robots that had been working on the finished contract were no longer needed, the space they occupied was needed asap for the machinery arriving for the new contract.

Timing of the decommissioning / arrival of new machinery was such that our normal 1-2 weeks prep, 4 weeks marketing, 2 weeks billing/removal timeframe in a typical online sale would not work. A private treaty sale was the only real option.

We circulated our international database of automotive suppliers, sheet metal companies, fabricators and robot dealers, offering the robots for sale in tranches as they came out. The dealers were obviously mindful that they were competing against end users, so made what we and our client considered to be quite good bids. Ultimately, sales were completed with dealers from across the world at prices three times that which our client had achieved in previous robot disposals where they had gone direct to dealers.

The moral of the story?

Even if you come to us late and dealer as opposed to end user sales are likely because the quantity of machines would otherwise swamp the market and thus depress prices and leave a quantity of unsolds, we can use our database to create a competitive sale environment and then complete a private treaty sale within a necessarily short period of time.

Retirement sale

Our client, the owner of a small manufacturing company based in the East Midlands had stopped trading, exchanged on the factory and now needed to sell his machinery.

His machinery, whilst some would see it as old, had been well maintained and had not been worked hard, so had many years of profitable use left.

We arranged an online timed event auction sale just for our client. This enabled us to get the marketing message across that everything had to go within a short time frame. This enabled all but 3 items to be sold ‘first time around’, of those three, two sold a few weeks later when they were relisted in our scheduled collective. Just one item was left unsold, it was scrapped.