Asset Disposal Services

Special Projects

We have a number of ongoing special projects. And from time to time we o get asked by clients to provide support in ways that you would not ordinarily expect of a sales agent / auctioneer.

Here are some of our special projects right now…

De- and Re-commissioning of Industrial Robots

Re-commissioning robots rather than scrapping them is a win-win situation for the previous owner (who gets more cash for them), the would-be owner (who pays less than new) and best protects the Earth’s resources.

So we thought, why don’t we work with the bigger users whose robots are getting towards the end of their useful life for them, finding them ready buyers – whether they be re-commissioning companies or end users.

After all, just because an asset is near the end of its useful life for one business doesn’t mean it’s at the end of the useful life for that asset.

What we are looking for are:

Robots – handling, welding, processing, etc – which are now surplus in the following sectors…

  • Automotive – Car/Vehicle Manufacturers and Tier One Suppliers
  • Metal Processing
  • Pharmaceutical / Basic Pharmaceutical
  • Food processing

We have a relationship with several companies that recommission robots and robotic cells. We have a database of companies that use robots. Let us know what you want and we will find you the robot(s) that you need at far less than the cost of new!

Factory / Production Unit Closures

We have noticed that:

  • Large companies are in the habit of paying often large sums of money to demolition / factory clearance companies to come in and simply clear factories they are closing.
  • Many of the demolition / factory clearance companies do not use auction techniques to maximise the cash they generate from the assets they have bought / their owner has abandoned

And that therefore there is a huge amount of waste in the system

We are looking for:

  • Companies who are looking to save on their factory / production unit closures
  • Demolition / dismantlers who get involved with the removal of machinery of all sorts, but particularly robots

Because we can save them a lot of money / earn them a lot of money

De- and Re-commissioning Powder Coating Lines

Powder Coating Lines are unusual beasts – they cost a king’s ransom to buy and commission new; agents often struggle to sell them second hand – either they’re too big, too small, too bespoke, have the wrong configuration, lack this automatic facility or that…; and if you are buying used, the chances of finding an exact match for what you need are slim

Such that…

If you have one and would like to dispose of it, you might struggle through conventional routes, and even then would still be looking at a huge write off compared to cost

If you want to buy as used powder coating line, finding something near what you need is as best you can hope for, you still have to move it and adapt it. And if you find something that could work for you, where do you start?

For these reasons we have teamed up with a well respected company that will take down for you and put back up in your factory used powder coating lines. This means:

If you are looking to dispose of a line, you’re more likely to sell through us as

  • We will use all our normal marketing methods and reach to bring the line to the attention of possible buyers;
  • Introduce them to the company that will take down and put back up the line

And if the bidders do not want the entire line, we can sell the bits they don;t want separately

If you are looking to buy, why not start off with a call in to us? We might have a line coming our way soon, and we can introduce you to someone to refit a line, whether or not you buy through us.

In the latter months of 2018, this arrangement saw 2 whole lines being sold, de-commissioned and re-commissioned.

If you are looking to sell or buy a used powder coating line, call or email us, we will be glad to explain how it works.