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Cutting and Deburring Machinery for Sale

KASTOwa M9 Circular Saw for sale

Due to the reorganisation of our client’s factory and the now imminent delivery of new machinery, we have been instructed to sell 2 machines which together make up all you need to cut and debur non ferrous pipes and profiles:

  • KASTOwa M9 Hydraulic Non-Ferrous Metals Circular Saw, Complete With Light Detection, Inclined In-feeder and Out-feed Chute
  • RSA Entgrattechnik Deburring Machine Model NN-2000

The machinery can be seen working – just ask to view. Our client’s factory is in the West Midlands.

Our client will disconnect, skate out and load items to transport.

KASTOwa M9 Automated Hydraulic Non-Ferrous Metals Circular Saw, Complete With Light Detection, Inclined In-feeder / Magazine and Out-feed Chute

  • KASTOwa M9 Hydraulic Non-Ferrous Metals Circular Saw, by the OEM Kasto Maschinenbau GmbH & Co, Complete With Light Detection, Inclined In-feeder / Magazine and Out-feed Chute
  • The KASTOwa M9 is designed for cutting non-ferrous metals.  The arrangement of saw gearing and four-point bar clamping ensures the shortest possible cutting stroke. The fast feeding of the metal and hydraulically cushioned length gauge, as well as fast cycling, ensure high production rates of accurate cut pieces and high reliability.
  • YOM: 2015
  • Saw blade type – HSS-Solid / carbide tipped.  Blade diameter 250mm, 275mm, 315mm.  Drive power saw blade 15KW
  • Cutting range: rounds 15 to 90mm; square 15 to 80mm; flat 15×15 to 120x75mm.  Minimum remnant length 65mm.
  • Variable speed size motor from 200 to 1,200 metres per minute
  • Siemens Simatic HMI. 
  • Inclined loader table (cam arrangement)
  • Discharge into manual chute (non-OEM)
  • 400v, 50HZ, 3 phase
  • 26 KW, 63 A
  • Weight 1,140 Kg
  • Footprint: 8,400mm x 1,900mm x 2,650mm
  • With Leuze electronic light guarding MLD 500

Comes with operating manuals

Click here to go to the OEM’s catalogue for this machine.

Entgrattechnik Deburring Machine, Model NN-2000

RSA Entgrattechnik Deburring Machine Model NN-2000 for sale
  • RSA Entgrattechnik Deburring Machine Model NN-2000
  • OEM – EWU Entgrattechnik GmbH, now called Piller Entgrattechnik GmbH
  • Brush type deburring machine for the speedy, safe and quiet deburring of ferrous and non-ferrous profiles
  • Once the items have been loaded on the machine, the steel locating pegs hold them in position while they then pass across the steel brushes that are positioned to the left and right of the object piece until the parts fall under gravity into a catching bin
  • YOM: 1990
  • 380v, 50HZ, 15.5KW
  • Maximum workpiece diameter / diagonal – 150mm.  Buyer to ascertain.
  • Footprint: 4,400mm x 1,600mm x 1,300mm
  • The carriage length of this second hand linishing machine can be reduced/extended to suit lengths from 150mm – 2,000mm.
  • Needs some new brushes

To go to the OEM’s website, click here.

What do you do next?

To find out more about the technical details of these items, email Phil using the following address

All measurements/data are approximate and are a guide only.  It is the responsibility of bidders to verify the data before bidding/buying, we recommend that you attend the viewing day.

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