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Thinking of buying a used powder coating line?

We’ve had a 100 per cent success rate selling used automated powder coating lines for clients.

This post is aimed at potential buyers of used automated powder coating lines, and sets out just some of the things we believe you as a buyer should consider. Some of them are obvious but worthwhile reiterating, some not so.

  1. Its overall footprint and layout. Will it fit into your available space? Does its size and present configuration suit your products?
  2. What’s the maximum object piece that it can handle? – width, depth and height, weight?
  3. Is there one common load/unload area, enabling you to get best use of your labour?
  4. The pre-treatment stage – is it online (thus avoiding double handling) or offline? Is it wet (cold or hot?), or alkaline (what happens to waste)? How is the product dried and is this in a cost efficient way? Do you need a phosphate stage after the degreasing and rinse?
  5. The conveyor line. Do its centres / turns fit your products? To what extent can its speed be varied? Is the conveyor reversible? How much life does it have left? Is there a centralised lubrication point?
  6. The powder coating spray booth. How many guns, and how many on each side? Is it automatic? Is there a manual touch up booth? How is spent powder recycled and dust extracted?
  7. LEVs. How many, where, reliable OEM, are they adequate?
  8. The drying / curing oven. Electricity or gas? Capacity?
  9. Does the line have adequate fire / explosion protection?
  10. Is the line complemented by a burn off oven to maintain jigs and a jig storage facility?
  11. You will probably need an experienced contractor to help you remove, alter (possibly) and recommission the line. Would you like to be introduced to one who will supply you with a free quotation for his work so you can properly assess the full cost of the project?
  12. What’s access and egress to the site like? Easy, spacious or confined?
  13. What are our client’s (ie the present owner’s) requirements as regards the timing and method of removal, utility disconnections, dealing with spillages, RAMS, making good of holes in things like roofs, etc?
  14. Unless you buy an all singing, all dancing line, you might never find one that can cope with all of your products all of the time – are you happy with, say, 90% passing through your own line, 10% being subbed out? What’s this line capable of doing consistently? What are your plans for the 10%?

There is a lot to think about when buying any powder coating line, more so when buying second hand. But with new lines costing a king’s ransom, and used lines presenting a massive cost saving opportunity, buying used can get you to where you want to be without breaking the bank.

If you would like to talk to my colleague, Phil, – he’s the real expert on these lines – about your specific requirements, whether you are looking to buy or sell a powder coating line, then please ring him on 07885 436021, or email

Paul Brindley

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