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Machinery Wants

We have been asked to find the following machinery for companies that have contacted us:

  • Drummond 2D Maxicut Gear Shaper (must have an adjustable angled head to cut taper gears), any condition (Ref Derek, 27/2)
  • NZ 50 Nederman Dust Extractor (Ref: 02/20 Helicopter)
  • Flatbed laser, 6KW or above (Ref Brien)
  • Mitre saw (Ref Brien)
  • Machine purposely manufactured for the hydro forming of tubular products, within which tooling is interchangeable. Not a retrofit or special made for one part. By the OEM Interlaken? (Ref War)
  • TOS OF 71 Hobber with tangential cutting head (Ref HG)
  • Lees Bradner LT Worm Threading Machine – 2 wanted (Ref HG)
  • Keyway/broaching machine, model WGW NZH 70/650 (Ref HG) 
  • Viet S211 Calibrating Sanding Machine (Ref TNL)
  • CMM / Metrology equipment (Ref MedHIGH)
  • Worcester (Jones & Attwood) 10 ton Open Fronted Power Press – no guards required. (Ref LR)
  • Spin/Orbital Rivetting Machine capable of working with 16mm diameter rivets (Ref WRP)
  • Hot Hydraulic Compression Press with Heated Platten > 1 metre squared (Ref V)
  • Guillotine – 3-4 metres in length, able to cut 3-4mm thick stainless steel (Ref FE)
  • MODERN Double-sided H frame mechanical power press, Capacity 200 ton, Bed & ram area left to right 1500mm +, MUST be variable stroke, Variable speed, Complete with Servo feeder, leveller & decoiler if possible to handle 300 wide x 3.5mm thick (Ref Ray)
  • Vixen AGI150 Agiwash Dunk Washer (Ref Knight)
  • Chronos BTH (Now Premier Tech) Bag Filling Machine Model CBH-VLFS-1000-V and Chronos BTH (Now Premier Tech) Palletizer Model BTH-PCD-900, or similar (Ref PB)

If you have any of these, please call or email:

Phil on 07885 436021 /

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