Asset Disposal Services

There is an epidemic happening in engineering and manufacturing companies

Right now in UK engineering and manufacturing companies, there’s an epidemic of seismic proportions taking place … of hoarding little used and unused plant and machinery.

Is your company holding on to stuff it doesn’t really need?


If you don’t regularly and formally measure if every single item of machinery in every part of your factory is earning its corn, how do you know for certain it’s not?

We’ll give you a tool later to prompt some more thought but in the meantime let me ask you a few more questions just in case you’re not convinced this is an area worthy of some focus…

To a casual visitor would your factory appear cramped, untidy, even unloved?

Do you have machinery lying idle anywhere… machines whose operators have gone on to pastures new… machines where the contract for work on that machine has been lost or come to an end… machinery under tarpaulins… stuff in dusty corners, in storage or sitting in an area behind the factory?

Do you know what such hoarding is it doing to your profits?… your bank balance?… your company’s reputation with customers, suppliers and staff?

Here is a link to a questionnaire on ‘Rolling Asset Disposal Plans’.  Click here.  Carrying out such a regular, formal, assessment like this is a great habit to get into.

And this break is the ideal time for doing this sort of thing.

If in the New Year you would like a confidential, no obligation discussion of how we can help you, just call or email me.

All the best for a profitable New Year…

Paul Brindley

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