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Industrial Robots Coming Soon…

The following robots, Fanuc, are coming soon and will be available in a private treaty sale:

1 off R2000iA 200F (Note 1):

2 off R200iA 125L (Note 1): 

2 off R2000iA 200EW: 

1 off S430iF (Note 2):

2 off S430iW Spot Welders:

1 off S430iW

7 off R2000iA 165F

3  off R2000iB 165 Spot welders

1 off R2000iB 165F

1 off R2000iB Spot Welder

21      Total


(1) With RJ3iB Controller

(2) With R3 Controller

(3) With R-30iA Controller

(4) All robots will be sold with teach pendants

And a quantity of Nadex and Dengensha weld timers

Brochure in the course of being prepared.

Call or email Paul on 01902 672323 / to find out more or express an interest in these robots.

If you need any other OEM’s robots, get in touch, we will see what we can do to help you.

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