Planned dates for our 2018 Collective Auctions

Planned dates for our 2018 Collective Auctions

Put our planned auction dates in your diary!

Spring (1) – Closing date for lots 6 March 2018: Hammer comes down 29 March 2018.

Spring (2) – Closing date for lots 1 May 2018: Hammer comes down 24 May 2018.

Summer – Closing date for lots 3 July 2018: Hammer comes down 26 July 2018.

Late Summer/Autumn – Closing date for lots 4 September 2018: Hammer comes down 27 September 2018.

Late Autumn/Winter – Closing date for lots 6 November 2018, Hammer comes down 29 November 2018.

Once you have decided it might be time to dispose of your surplus plant and equipment, call us as soon as you can – IT’S NEVER TOO EARLY…….. use us as your sounding board!

*A collective auction is one containing the surplus assets of a number of companies. It’s a great way for you to dispose of some, or a few items of machinery that are sitting around idle. The market loves collective auctions as it gives variety & choice.

We will also be holding auctions throughout the year where the number or value of a specific client’s assets justifies their own stand-alone auction.

Call or email Paul if you’d like to include any of your surplus plant and machinery in any of our planned collective auctions. 01902 672323.

Now available – a number of used spot / projection welding cells (now sold, sorry)

Update 20 May 2017 – sorry, all of these cells have been sold.

We have an online auction, live right now, through Bidspotter of a number of spot/projection welding cells complete with parts feeders & process cooling units from respected OEMS:
GB Federal Machines
Vibrant Machine
Thermal Exchange




Used Nederman dust and fume extractors for sale – preliminary announcement


This is a priminary announcement of the sale of 3 used / second hand dust and fume extractors from the respected original equipment manufacturer, Nederman:

  • Nederman FlexPAK 1000 DX
  • Nederman Auto M-Z Z50
  • Nederman DX 6000 TR Reverse Jet with centrifugal fan and motor.

These extractors are typically used in combustible or non-combustible settings, which can include composites and plastics; woodworking; cement; welding and thermal cutting; polishing; metalworking, shotblasting and casting; vehicle services; material handling; fire and emergency stations; process industry and energy; laboratory; electronics; painting; food processing; grinding and fettling; paper; tobacco; jewellery; pharmaceutical; bulk powders; chemicals; weighing; bagging; ceramics; educational workshops; silo venting …

It is of outmost importance for any buyer to know the properties of the extracted material so they know whether the system they intend to buy is compliant with current legislation and is approved by their insurers for the intended purpose.

Click on the online brochure to view the extractors.

For details or to register an interest call Paul on 01902 672323 or email