Online Auction Sale of Capital Process Plant and Machinery Now Live

Used Abac Genesis Compressor/Receiver Combi for sale

Our online auction of process plant and machinery is now live through Bidspotter.  The items offered include:

  • Hydraulic XL/6-S Hot Press by Italpresse
  • Elumatec DG142 Twin Station Mitering Centre
  • A Cable De-Spooling, Stripping & Terminal End Application System which includes equipment by Schleuniger and Molex
  • Bendpak Above Ground Lift Set
  • Startrite Vertical Band Saw
  • Dry Filter Spray Booth
  • Guyson Formula F1400 Shot Blasting Cabinet & Dust Extractor
  • Graco Airless Spraying Unit
  • Several welding sets and rectifiers by reputable OEMs Murex and Lorch
  • Evans Ezy-Equipment Pinch Roller
  • Bomar Economic Saw
  • Zander Breathing Air Purifier
  • Abac Genesis Compressor/Receiver Combi
  • Graco E-XP2 Coating Machine
  • Good quality steel work tables

Here’s a link to our online brochure for this auction – Auction Brochure

The auction closes on 24 May 2018, starting from 3pm.  Put this in your diary, but register early.  Click here to go to the auction.

Did you know we also provide finance?  – whether you are buying in our auctions, other auctioneers’ auctions, or generally.  To go to our webpage to find out more CLICK HERE then just fill out the brief form on that page.  Who else do you know who provides finance for auctions?

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This is our online brochure embedded in our website…

Just because your machinery is fully depreciated doesn’t mean it’s worthless

We see a lot of company accountants and owners who think that just because a piece of equipment is written down to zero and of no use to them it’s probably of no worth. The reality is the book value of plant you hold in your books and how useful an item is to you has no absolutely bearing on its real value to the outside world.

You see, while an item may be worth nothing to you, or might be fully depreciated, it might be worth something to someone else – and we are not just talking for spares, some ‘old but goody’ plant is really holding its value despite all the innovation that’s happening. Depreciation is just an accountancy entry in the books, it’s not a real measure of how much your asset is falling in value through age or use, so the net carrying value can be far removed from what it’s worth to someone else.

Many times have we sold an item management thought was valueless, putting a good amount of money into the company’s bank account, giving them an unexpected cash boost.

What do you have that’s fully written down that we could sell and generate for you?  Perhaps it’s worth asking yourself ‘What’s my fully written plant and machinery really worth?’