Factory Clearances Arranged

If you need some help clearing out your factory, whether restructuring, closing down the business, or just retiring, please let us know.

We work closely with several factory clearance companies in and outside of the West Midlands, so that while they clear the factory of stuff that won’t sell, we get on with disposing of the stuff that will sell so that you maximise realisations and make the process as painless as possible.

Please note that when carrying out our work we have experience working under strict H&S and CDM rules.


Paul Brindley

Asset Disposal Services Limited

01902 672323


Factory Clearances Arranged

Don’t forget we also arrange factory clearances of all sizes of units.  We are able to dispose of your factory contents through either an auction or, if time is pressing, closure costs prohibitively high, proceeds uncertain or you just need some money quickly, an invoice sale.  Even if you don’t expect to raise much money and are thinking of just abandoning the factory, why not give us a call first to explore your options?