We are selling by online auction, a wide range of tooling including…

Norgren Rodless Cylinders- 2 x M146050/M/1120: 1 x M146050/M/1095: 1 x M146050/M/1070
One off Air Wrench by Chicago Pneumatic complete with air hose and tail: Type – CP-9580
Camozzi Series Double Acting Cylinders: 9 x 61M2P050A0370: 1 x 61M2P050A300
SMC Air Cylinder: 1 x CP95SDB63-600
Festo Pneumatic Guided Double Action Cylinders. 2 x DFM-50-250 B-P-A-GF.
Miscellaneous Pneumatic Items & Support Equipment too numerous to mention here – please see lots 48 and 49 for details

Online auction closes 14 September 2017 – Bidspotter.

Now available – a number of used spot / projection welding cells (now sold, sorry)

Update 20 May 2017 – sorry, all of these cells have been sold.

We have an online auction, live right now, through Bidspotter of a number of spot/projection welding cells complete with parts feeders & process cooling units from respected OEMS:
GB Federal Machines
Vibrant Machine
Thermal Exchange




Used ABB-IRB2400L Robotic MIG welding sets for sale by online auction open now

Update August 2017 – we are selling more of these in our September online auction.  Click here to go to the auction.

We are selling, right now, a number of used ABB IRB 2400L (i.e. long reach) MIG welding robotic welding cells through the online auction site Bidspotter


Advanced notification – sale of a large quantity of fabrication equipment coming soon

Right now we are putting together an auction of good quantity used/second hand fabrication equipment of a very large company, now longer required as a result of our client’s restructuring.

The auction will be going live on the online auction site Bidspotter in a few weeks time.

The lots will include:

    • A number of ABB robotic welders
    • An excellent Bauromat welding cell
    • A number of ESAB portable welding sets
    • Several spot welders
    • Some large, great quality air filters/LEVs with Allen Bradley Powerflex 70 retrofitted inverters
    • A good quantity of used machine tools

the list goes on… all from respected OEMs

If you are interested in bidding at this auction, please email me and I will send you a prompt once the auction goes live – paul@assetdisposalservices.co.uk

How to register for the first time on Bidspotter

If you’ve never bid on an internet auction before, you’ll be surprised just how easy it is both to register and to bid!  This really is the best way nowadays to source quality used plant!

Here’s how to register…

  1.  Go to the Bidspotter home page – https://www.bidspotter.co.uk/en-gb
  2. At the top right hand corner of that page, click on the button ‘Register’.  That will take you to another page entitled…
  3. ‘Create your Bidspotter Account’.  Carefully type your email address in the relevant box, then choose a memorable password and input it first in the password box, and then again in the confirmation box. You’ll then be given a choice…
  4. .. as to whether you want emails coming out to you to tell you what’s coming up to be tailored to your specific needs, say ‘Manufacturing & Machinery’.  Then …
  5. Once you’ve read the terms and conditions and privacy terms, click on ‘Create my account’.
  6. You will then see a little wheel turning, telling you that their machine is thinking.  After a little while you will be taken to a page that says that you’ve been sent an email.
  7. Open up your emails, this may mean you have to open up another tab in your browser. It might take ten minutes for the email to come through. Click on the link in that email, or paste it into your browser.
  8. You will then be taken back to the Bidspotter website, and you can start looking at lots.
  9. As and when you want to bid, there’s another few small steps to go through.  Say you have clicked on an item and want to bid.  The first time you try to bid, you will have to add a few more details about yourself such as your address, vat number, an a credit/debit card number over various pages  During the process you will also be asked for a phone number – if possible choose a mobile that you have by your side – Bidspotter will send you a text with a number that if you put it into the Bidspotter page.
  10. With us, you’re still not ready to bid – as a firm we have decided to approve all bidders on our auctions.  Not all auctioneers do this, for other auctioneers you will not have to go through the next process.  You see, we will show up on our system as having sought approval to bid.  Once we become aware of this we will investigate the standing of your company and approve you if we are happy withe the results of our checks.  If for example you have chosen to bid in a personal capacity, or if your company is newly incorporated or we feel that your credit rating just might not be strong enough, we will call you to chat your application over.  Do not feel bad about this, we are merely protecting our client, there is no slur on you.  Either way once we are happy, we will email or call you to tell you you have been approved to bid.

And that’s it!  Pretty simple as long as you have all the information you need at hand, but it does take a little time so don’t leave it until the day the auction closes!

If you have any problems, call me on my mobile 07813 102014

All the best with your bidding!