Other opportunities

This is a list of our live ‘other’ opportunities right now:

  • We are looking for a manufacturer for a patented, new type of clothes iron.  Must be able to produce up to half a million irons pa after 5 years.
  • We are looking for companies that need to reduce their business energy costs, or which cannot dry or heat what they need to by conventional means.  An option might be to use industrial microwave technology.  Uses include metal smelting/heating/reheating; biomass, mining residue, grain drying.  Finance available.
  • Raising of money to enable owners to exit through the Entrepreneurs Visa.
  • Research & Development Tax Credits (R&D Tax Credits).
  • The supply of ozone generators – to kill odours / bacteria e.g. in old folks’ homes, restaurants/fast food, hydroponics, fresh food, dry cleaners, hotels, following fires, etc

To find out more, call Paul on 01902 672323 or email paul@assetdisposalservices.co.uk