Asset Disposal Services

New Year, New Broom?

Cluttered factory

If you don’t clear out the clutter at home, things can soon get out of control.

The same happens at work… if you don’t clear out the clutter – the stock plant and machinery you no longer need – your factory starts to look untidy; the unneeded stuff gets in the way and you become less efficient; you create unnecessary work for yourself; others notice even if you don’t; the walls start coming in and you get storage problems.

Is it time…

… that you had a clear out?

… for you to dispose of all the stuff that is getting in the way?

….to do the work equivalent of putting your unneeded stuff on Ebay?

If it is, get in touch with us, we will explain your options – you have more than you’d expect.

Paul Brindley


Asset Disposal Services Limited

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