Why you need to remember the figure of one third…

Remember the figure of one third

The buyer of used cars who you see advertising on TV all the time – you know the one, with the ladies’ favourite TV presenter and cuddly kittens – offer you peanuts for your car, their business model depends on buying cheap, putting a lick of paint on and then simply selling your car on. They rely on the public being idle, time poor or not bothered about maximising the cash they get for their cars. It’s hardly rocket science, and although you would think you’d have to be pretty silly to sell to them, so many people do that their CEO is picking up a cool £30m a year. Not bad for someone who relies on Joe and Joanne Public’s stupidity/idleness/lack of focus on cash.

But this is a business focussed social media, and all my contacts own or work in engineering or manufacturing companies, what this got to do with you?

Well, remember the figure of one third? It’s the model used by used machinery dealers. Unless he has a ready buyer right now to whom he can back to back a sale of your used machinery he will pay you a maximum of one third of what he’s likely to get for it when he sells it on, because their model of 1/3rd cost; 1/3rd transport, storage and refurbishment costs gives them a one third profit, if all goes well, it really is not dissimilar to the model of the used car buyer.

I say a maximum of one third because often circumstances – for example you need to clear the machine out of your factory and you’ve left things late – will mean he’ll take advantage of you and pay you far less, often just above scrap value, because he knows that you just have to get rid, you have few options. But do you? Do you really have few options?

But unlike Joe Public, you’re in business, and being in business is all about continually generating cash from everything you do, including managing your business’ assets and finances better than Joe Public does.

Why not make managing your machinery assets better your New Year resolution?

Why not download our paper on Rolling Asset Disposal Plans by clicking here? – it could be the blueprint you need for managing your assets better. Share it with your colleagues, get them talking about it, working together, use it to bring structure to your asset disposal, use it to generate more options and cash, and at the same time reduce your asset disposal headaches. And if you’d like any help along the way, feel free to contact me, our phones are always on and with us the clock doesn’t automatically start ticking.

Conveyorised Degreasing, Phosphating, Ecoat and Wet Painting Facility Available

Our client, an internationally renowned engineering conglomerate is making available for sale, lease or by similar arrangement a large UK based conveyorised degreasing (spray), phosphating (spray), electropainting (immersion) and wet painting facility in whole or in part.

In addition:

  • a co-joining factory unit could be made available to enable you to move some or all of your operations on site.
  • a number of heavy hydraulic and mechanical presses (each between 650 and 2,500 tonnes) and other materials handling machinery could be made available to you on a similar basis.
  • Even some of the loyal staff who used to operate the plant and machinery could also be re-engaged.

The entire line is fully operational and can be seen working, bring your parts along for a test.  Circumstances are such that you could start producing very quickly after the appropriate legal arrangements have been concluded – these would be agreed directly with our client.

This plant is operational now, and is ready to be taken over by a new user.

Expressions of interest should be made to the sole selling agents, Asset Disposal Services Limited, emailing paul@assetdisposalservices.co.uk or calling 01902 672323.

Principles only should apply.  A non disclosure agreement will have to be signed.

Following the signing of an NDA, all further negotiations will be held directly with our client.

Midlands based toolmaking company for sale

We are working with a highly reputable business advisor who is working with a client to secure the sale of a relatively small but very profitable Midlands based tool making company.

If you are interested in finding out more, please follow the link below to go to a form, then complete that form and click the submit button.

You will be sent a non disclosure agreement (NDA) to sign. Please sign and return the NDA to the business advisor who will then, if he is satisfied your interest is genuine, send a sales memorandum on to you.



Used Volvo Coach for Sale


As the selling agent for a coach operator known for how well it looks after its vehicles, we are disposing of a used Volvo 9700 coach:

  • Volvo 9700H coach, first registered in October 2006
  • Presently configured for 43 seats, in order to give added legroom for longer tours
  • Approved for European work
  • Only ever used for holiday tours – UK and Europe – and day trips. Never been used for local services, eg schools
  • Well cared for ever since its purchase by its one, dedicated, driver
  • 465,410 genuine miles from new
  • Convertible back to its original 51 seater version, the additional 8 seats form part of the sale
  • Full service documentation available (just ask, there’s far too much to include here!)
  • Serviced and repaired throughout by an approved Volvo garage, using only Volvo parts (copy invoices available)
  • Dual gearbox (Auto & Manual); cruise control; 12 gears; brake retarder; sat nav; reversing camera; 2 tv screens capable pf playing DVDs, CDs and sat nav; centre toilet
  • MOT expires 25 April 2018
  • Condition commensurate with age


For sale by online auction that’s open now.  Click the word ‘Bidspotter‘ to go to the auction.]

Here’s the brochure…

Just because your machinery is fully depreciated doesn’t mean it’s worthless

We see a lot of company accountants and owners who think that just because a piece of equipment is written down to zero and of no use to them it’s probably of no worth. The reality is the book value of plant you hold in your books and how useful an item is to you has no absolutely bearing on its real value to the outside world.

You see, while an item may be worth nothing to you, or might be fully depreciated, it might be worth something to someone else – and we are not just talking for spares, some ‘old but goody’ plant is really holding its value despite all the innovation that’s happening. Depreciation is just an accountancy entry in the books, it’s not a real measure of how much your asset is falling in value through age or use, so the net carrying value can be far removed from what it’s worth to someone else.

Many times have we sold an item management thought was valueless, putting a good amount of money into the company’s bank account, giving them an unexpected cash boost.

What do you have that’s fully written down that we could sell and generate for you?  Perhaps it’s worth asking yourself ‘What’s my fully written plant and machinery really worth?’

Planned dates for our 2018 Collective Auctions

Planned dates for our 2018 Collective Auctions

Put our planned auction dates in your diary!

Spring (1) – Closing date for lots 6 March 2018: Hammer comes down 29 March 2018.

Spring (2) – Closing date for lots 1 May 2018: Hammer comes down 24 May 2018.

Summer – Closing date for lots 3 July 2018: Hammer comes down 26 July 2018.

Late Summer/Autumn – Closing date for lots 4 September 2018: Hammer comes down 27 September 2018.

Late Autumn/Winter – Closing date for lots 6 November 2018, Hammer comes down 29 November 2018.

Once you have decided it might be time to dispose of your surplus plant and equipment, call us as soon as you can – IT’S NEVER TOO EARLY…….. use us as your sounding board!

*A collective auction is one containing the surplus assets of a number of companies. It’s a great way for you to dispose of some, or a few items of machinery that are sitting around idle. The market loves collective auctions as it gives variety & choice.

We will also be holding auctions throughout the year where the number or value of a specific client’s assets justifies their own stand-alone auction.

Call or email Paul if you’d like to include any of your surplus plant and machinery in any of our planned collective auctions. 01902 672323.  paul@assetdisposalservices.co.uk

There is an epidemic happening in engineering and manufacturing companies

Right now in UK engineering and manufacturing companies, there’s an epidemic of seismic proportions taking place … of hoarding little used and unused plant and machinery.

Is your company holding on to stuff it doesn’t really need?


If you don’t regularly and formally measure if every single item of machinery in every part of your factory is earning its corn, how do you know for certain it’s not?

We’ll give you a tool later to prompt some more thought but in the meantime let me ask you a few more questions just in case you’re not convinced this is an area worthy of some focus…

To a casual visitor would your factory appear cramped, untidy, even unloved?

Do you have machinery lying idle anywhere… machines whose operators have gone on to pastures new… machines where the contract for work on that machine has been lost or come to an end… machinery under tarpaulins… stuff in dusty corners, in storage or sitting in an area behind the factory?

Do you know what such hoarding is it doing to your profits?… your bank balance?… your company’s reputation with customers, suppliers and staff?

Here is a link to a questionnaire on ‘Rolling Asset Disposal Plans’.  Click here.  Carrying out such a regular, formal, assessment like this is a great habit to get into.

And this break is the ideal time for doing this sort of thing.

If in the New Year you would like a confidential, no obligation discussion of how we can help you, just call or email me.

All the best for a profitable New Year…

Paul Brindley


Tel: 01902 672323

Factory Clearances Arranged

If you need some help clearing out your factory, whether restructuring, closing down the business, or just retiring, please let us know.

We work closely with several factory clearance companies in and outside of the West Midlands, so that while they clear the factory of stuff that won’t sell, we get on with disposing of the stuff that will sell so that you maximise realisations and make the process as painless as possible.

Please note that when carrying out our work we have experience working under strict H&S and CDM rules.


Paul Brindley

Asset Disposal Services Limited

01902 672323


How to register for the first time on Bidspotter

If you’ve never bid in or bought through an internet auction before, you’ll be surprised just how easy it is both to register and to bid!  This really is the best way nowadays to source quality used plant, to access the internal used plant market!

Here’s how to register…

  1.  Go to the Bidspotter home page – https://www.bidspotter.co.uk/en-gb
  2. At the top right hand corner of that page, click on the button ‘Register’.  That will take you to another page entitled…
  3. ‘Create your Bidspotter Account’.  Carefully type your email address in the relevant box, then choose a memorable password and input it first in the password box, and then again in the confirmation box. You’ll then be given a choice…
  4. .. as to whether you want emails coming out to you to tell you what’s coming up to be tailored to your specific needs.  Then …
  5. Once you’ve read the terms and conditions and privacy terms, click on ‘Create my account’.
  6. You will then see a little wheel turning, telling you that their machine is thinking.  After a little while you will be taken to a page that says that you’ve been sent an email.
  7. Open up your emails, this may mean you have to open up another tab in your browser. It might take ten minutes for the email to come through. Click on the link in that email, or paste it into your browser.
  8. You will then be taken back to the Bidspotter website, and you can start looking at lots.
  9. As and when you want to bid, there are a few more small steps you will need to go through.  Say you have clicked on an item and want to bid.  You will now have to add a few more details about yourself such as your address, vat number, and a credit/debit card number. During the process you will also be asked for a phone number – if possible choose a mobile that you have by your side – Bidspotter will send you a text with a number that you will have to type into the Bidspotter page.
  10. With most other auctioneers you’re now ready to bid.  But not so with us.  You see it is our policy to vet everyone who applies to register in our auctions.  We will investigate the standing of your company and, if you’ve used Bidspotter before whether you have completed on your past bids, and approve you if we are happy with the results of our checks.  If you have registered in a personal capacity, if your company is newly incorporated or your credit rating not strong, we will call you to chat your application over.  Do not feel bad about this, it’s not about you, we are merely protecting our client.  Either way once we are happy, we will email or call you to tell you you have been approved to bid.

And that’s it!  Pretty simple as long as you have all the information you need at hand.  But it does take a little time so don’t leave it until the day the auction closes!  If you have any problems, call me on my mobile 07813 102014.

Bidspotter have on their website some help pages that you might find of use.  This is the main one.   And their people are very friendly and helpful, you can always use the chat facility on the site, email them (support@auctiontechnologygroup.com) or give them a call if you have any difficulties – on 0203 725 5553.

All the best with your bidding!