Case Studies

Set out below are few examples of our recent work. We can put you in touch with the companies and individuals involved if you would like to ask their experiences of our work.

Growing manufacturing company bringing in new equipment and replacing plant no longer required 

This medium sized engineering company no longer required an ABB robotic welding cell and, being short of space, had committed to buying some new equipment which, when they first contacted us, was arriving in 6 week’s time – sure the arrival could be delayed, but our client wanted to avoid this.  Ideally, to get the best price for out client, we like to have more than 6 weeks to expose an item to the market, hold an online auction, complete a sale and secure the removal of the sold equipment.  Our client’s management team were under significant pressure managing the company’s growth.  We needed to attract the attention of the market quickly.  To do this we prepared an online brochure, giving buyers an opportunity to buy before any online auction and thereby avoid paying any buyers’ premium.  The brochure was exposed – very quickly indeed – to the market using a variety of means (which because it’s our IPR we will not be going into here – suffice to say time and time again it’s been proven to work).  The eventual outcome? – A win-win outcome for our client, the buyer and us – the client received 60% more than the minimum price he needed to achieve to satisfy his finance people (and that was after our fees!) and the cell was out of his factory just one day late; the buyer bought a cell for the fraction of the price of new and avoided the OEMs’ long lead times; and we were paid our fees!

The moral of the story?

We have tools in our armoury to deal with those situations where we don’t have the time we’d like to put clients’ plant into a formal online auction, tools which still achieve a really good outcome for all parties.


International Manufacturing Group

This well known group had a good amount of surplus plant that was taking up much needed space. Our brief was to dispose of it through an online auction. The factory was cleared at no cost to the client – our fees were paid out of the sales proceeds, leaving the client to pocket several times the reserve/scrap price.

Black Country Manufacturing Company

This medium sized company was sitting on plant that had passed, at least for them, its useful economic life and needed to free up space to integrate a recent acquisition.  The brief was to dispose of it through an online auction.  Most of the items were sold to manufacturers in the Balkans and the Far East.  Much of the remainder was sold by private treaty to buyers we had identified outside of the auction environment, what was left was simply scrapped.  This outcome was achieved at no cost to the client.

Birmingham manufacturer

Our client had ‘inherited’ several items of low individual value plant on its acquisition of other businesses, which had only ever been stored, and as a result was in need of a Spring Clean.  The brief was to dispose of the items through an online auction.  The items were included several times in Apex’s monthly Marketplace auction.  Some were sold during the early months’ auctions to foreign buyers at up to 18 times the reserve, much of the remainder was sold by private treaty at several times above scrap price to buyers who had been attracted in by the online auction, the rest was scrapped.  Again, there was no cost to the client.