Used Volvo Coach for Sale – preliminary announcement

As the selling agent for a coach operator known for how well it looks after its vehicles, we are disposing of a used Volvo 9700 coach:

  • Volvo 9700H coach, first registered in October 2006
  • Presently configured for 43 seats, in order to give added legroom for longer tours
  • Approved for European work
  • Only ever used for holiday tours – UK and Europe – and day trips. Never been used for local services, eg schools
  • Well cared for ever since its purchase by its one, dedicated, driver
  • 465,410 genuine miles from new
  • Convertible back to its original 51 seater version, the additional 8 seats form part of the sale
  • Full service documentation available (just ask, there’s far too much to include here!)
  • Serviced and repaired throughout by an approved Volvo garage, using only Volvo parts (copy invoices available)
  • Dual gearbox (Auto & Manual); cruise control; 12 gears; brake retarder; sat nav; reversing camera; 2 tv screens capable pf playing DVDs, CDs and sat nav; centre toilet
  • MOT expires 25 April 2018
  • Condition commensurate with age


For sale by online auction that’s open now.  Click the word ‘Bidspotter‘ to go to the auction.]

Here’s the brochure…


PJ Hare 63 Tonne High Speed Hydraulic Press Transfer Line For Sale

3 PJ Hare 63 Tonne Presses and an ORIIMEC Robotic Transfer Line

3 PJ Hare 63 Tonne Presses and an ORIIMEC Robotic Transfer Line

We are selling a used automated hydraulic high speed press transfer line, comprising of the following:

  • 3 PJ Hare 63 GP C-frame Hydraulic Presses
  • An ORII MEC RY Flexible Robotic Handing / Transfer System, Loading Station / Destacker
  • Outfeed Conveyor
  • Two Tonne Scissor Lift.

Used press lines incorporating such respected OEM machines rarely come to the market.

Being sold by an online timed auction that is open now and due to close at 3pm on Tuesday 6th February 2018. Viewing days 31 January and I February 2018 – the line is located in Wales. We reserve the right to close the auction early if a proceedable offer is received before 6th February.

Removal date, disconnections and loading – Please read the important information in the auction as there are some very detailed terms in this respect. RAMS will be required.

To go to the auction – click here

Update 12 February 2018 – sorry the line has been sold!

Just because your machinery is fully depreciated doesn’t mean it’s worthless

We see a lot of company accountants and owners who think that just because a piece of equipment is written down to zero and of no use to them it’s probably of no worth. The reality is the book value of plant you hold in your books and how useful an item is to you has no absolutely bearing on its real value to the outside world.

You see, while an item may be worth nothing to you, or might be fully depreciated, it might be worth something to someone else – and we are not just talking for spares, some ‘old but goody’ plant is really holding its value despite all the innovation that’s happening. Depreciation is just an accountancy entry in the books, it’s not a real measure of how much your asset is falling in value through age or use, so the net carrying value can be far removed from what it’s worth to someone else.

Many times have we sold an item management thought was valueless, putting a good amount of money into the company’s bank account, giving them an unexpected cash boost.

What do you have that’s fully written down that we could sell and generate for you?  Perhaps it’s worth asking yourself ‘What’s my fully written plant and machinery really worth?’

Planned dates for our 2018 Collective Auctions

Planned dates for our 2018 Collective Auctions

Put our planned auction dates in your diary!

Spring (1) – Closing date for lots 6 March 2018: Hammer comes down 29 March 2018.

Spring (2) – Closing date for lots 1 May 2018: Hammer comes down 24 May 2018.

Summer – Closing date for lots 3 July 2018: Hammer comes down 26 July 2018.

Late Summer/Autumn – Closing date for lots 4 September 2018: Hammer comes down 27 September 2018.

Late Autumn/Winter – Closing date for lots 6 November 2018, Hammer comes down 29 November 2018.

Once you have decided it might be time to dispose of your surplus plant and equipment, call us as soon as you can – IT’S NEVER TOO EARLY…….. use us as your sounding board!

*A collective auction is one containing the surplus assets of a number of companies. It’s a great way for you to dispose of some, or a few items of machinery that are sitting around idle. The market loves collective auctions as it gives variety & choice.

We will also be holding auctions throughout the year where the number or value of a specific client’s assets justifies their own stand-alone auction.

Call or email Paul if you’d like to include any of your surplus plant and machinery in any of our planned collective auctions. 01902 672323.


We are selling by online auction, a used WELDING EXPERT HR – WELD BEAD MEASUREMENT STATION by ClaraVision:

ClaraVision welding bead measurement tool for sale

Serial Number – 1703561200

Being sold by online auction.

Here’s a link to our online brochure which gives more photographs of this second hand item … CLICK HERE

Click HERE to go to the OEM’s brochure

Click HERE to go to the auction page

Auction closes 18 January, be quick!

There is an epidemic happening in engineering and manufacturing companies

Right now in UK engineering and manufacturing companies, there’s an epidemic of seismic proportions taking place … of hoarding little used and unused plant and machinery.

Is your company holding on to stuff it doesn’t really need?


If you don’t regularly and formally measure if every single item of machinery in every part of your factory is earning its corn, how do you know for certain it’s not?

We’ll give you a tool later to prompt some more thought but in the meantime let me ask you a few more questions just in case you’re not convinced this is an area worthy of some focus…

To a casual visitor would your factory appear cramped, untidy, even unloved?

Do you have machinery lying idle anywhere… machines whose operators have gone on to pastures new… machines where the contract for work on that machine has been lost or come to an end… machinery under tarpaulins… stuff in dusty corners, in storage or sitting in an area behind the factory?

Do you know what such hoarding is it doing to your profits?… your bank balance?… your company’s reputation with customers, suppliers and staff?

Here is a link to a questionnaire on ‘Rolling Asset Disposal Plans’.  Click here.  Carrying out such a regular, formal, assessment like this is a great habit to get into.

And this break is the ideal time for doing this sort of thing.

If in the New Year you would like a confidential, no obligation discussion of how we can help you, just call or email me.

All the best for a profitable New Year…

Paul Brindley

Tel: 01902 672323

Repetitive Welding but not using robots? Read this…

Repetitive welding but not using robots?

The cost and risks of entry too much?

We’re selling 13 used ABB IRB 2400L / 1400 welding sets by online auction…

And we can introduce to a company to stand them back up in your factory…

Saving you a lot of money compared to new…

Buy one or more.

It might just be the opportunity you need to get into robotic welding.

Here’s a link to the auction:

Call Paul on 01902 672323 or email or

Winter 2017/18 Auction Just Gone Live!

Auction of A Quantity of ABB Robotic MIG Welding Equipment, a Radial Arm Drill, CMMs, Metallographic Preparation Equipment and a Large Quantity of Misc Measuring/Gauge Equipment From a Tier One Automotive Supply Company Just Gone Live!

– sale due to Reinvestment and Reorganisation


 The Auction includes… 

13 off ABB-IRB-6 Axis Industrial Robots …



… typically comprising of ABB-IRB -2400L and 1400 Robot Arms, Control Cabinets, Teach Pendants, ESAB MIG Welding Power Sources, Abicor Binzel Process Cooling Units, Bulls Eyes. See individual lots for details. Available singly.

Click here to go to our online brochure.

Here is a link to a walk through video summarising the robots…




Other lots…


Used FaroArm Portable Measurement Arm – Type – G12-02, Serial No – G12020102696, Year – Dec 2004

This is a used Faro Portable Measurement Arm complete with OEM instructions and housed in a custom fit wheeled case, so that transportation to/from site is easy.  These items rarely become available in the used inspection and test market and although is out of calibration at point of sale, represents an excellent opportunity to make a considerable saving on an equivalent new model.





Used Buehler Abrasimatic 2 automatic abrasive cutter complete with coolant tank & pump. Mounted on portable table for ease of removal/positioning.  Model No – 95-2829.  Serial No – 580-MGTV-990.



Used Radial Arm Drill, Type – AJ 150.  Morse Taper – #4.  Spindle Speeds – 50-1500RPM.  Complete with Engineers Vices.  Bed Dimensions – 910 x 560mm

Used Status Horizontal Dual Arm Coordinate Measuring Machine.

Arm – Serial No – CN5306.  Slave Arm – Serial No – CN5307.  Complete with :  1 x Measuring Table.  1 x Renishaw Measuring Head (PH10M).  3 x Renishaw PHC 10 (Probe Head Controllers).  2 x Renishaw PHD 10 (Probe Head Drive Units).  2 x Box Tables (nominal 300 x 255 x 300mm).  1 x Complete Gantry Overhead Crane with pendant hoist (500Kg SWL) comprising 10 Vertical Uprights,4 Cross Beams & 1 Centre Beam.

Nominal Overall Dimensions.  Master = 7200 Depth x 2050 Width x 2400 Height.  Slave = As Above.  Table (Steel) = 5400 x 1200 x 50mm.  Gantry Crane and Hoist = 14200 x 8200 x 3500 (Depth x Width x Height)*.  Note there is no operating software or monitor with this lot.

Buyer to provide a full set of RAMS prior to disconnection and removal which must be approved by our cleint or their representatives.

* Being offered as a separate lot in Lot 8a.

Plus a quantity of CMMs and measuring equipment.  Click here to go to our online brochure. 

Never bid before in an online auction?  It’s easy, but you will need to register first!  Click here to go to our guidance on registering and here for Bidspotter’s help page.  And if you have any problems, just call us – just don’t leave it too late!

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Questions – call Paul on 01902 672323 or email