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Trumpf Laser Cutting Cell and Nordson Powder Coating Line Relisted!

One of the great advantages for our clients of selling by online auction is if an item does not sell first time around, we can simply relist it free of charge in the next auction. And if it doesn’t sell then, it can be relisted again, and again…

Our job as auctioneers is to get the best price for our client, so what we are really looking for is that one or more persons who, because of their circumstances are desperate for that particular item right now, will pay a price representative of its value to them – which is generally several times more than our client could get by trading in to an OEM, selling to a dealer or scrapping the item. The point is every auction has a brand new audience, and because of that there is an opportunity for a real win-win situation, both for our client and the buyer.

Our last auction ended just over a week ago, on 24 January. Two items in that auction did not sell, so we are relisting them in our auction closing on Valentine’s Day – a Trumpf Trucaser 2030 Trucoax Laser Cutting Cell and a Nordson Powder Cutting Line. The former would suit an up and coming company who have better things to do with their money than buy a brand new Trumpf, the latter would suit a company who want to bring in-house their powdercoating in order to reduce costs or regain control. Both these items represent a massive saving over the cost of new.

Click here to go to the auction closing on 14 February.

And if you would like to know more about how we work, whether you are a potential seller or buyer of used machinery, call me on 44(0) 1902 672323 or email and we’d be glad to advise.

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