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Pharmaceutical Tablet Handling, Packaging, Labelling & Support Equipment Clearance Sale – August 2018

Update 5 September 2018 – sorry, virtually everything has been sold.

Due to business growth our client is now seeking to dispose of a quantity of pharmaceutical tablet handling, packaging, labelling & support equipment.

Our client is a leading pharmaceutical vitamin supplement producer, who manufacture, bottle/cap, label & distribute their own products to an international customer base.

The vitamin tablets they produce continue to provide them business growth. As such they have now decided to seek a sale of a number of pharmaceutical related assets and support equipment that were intended for use, but have not been put to work as they have improved the output of their current equipment and their business model/needs have changed since their purchase.

Our client is therefore seeking best bids for all the surplus assets, or may even be interested in receiving a job lot offer to clear the area the assets currently occupy.

The equipment is being sold by online timed auction. The auction closes on 23 August. Viewing day 22 August – the items are located in Walsall.

To go straight to the auction, Click Here.

The auction includes the following machinery:

A semi Automated Pharmaceutical Grade Tablet Bottling, Capping, Weigh Checking & Labelling Line comprising:

  • Birstner swan neck parts conveyor
  • RNA bowl feeder
  • C.E.King tablet counting machine
  • Rotary table
  • Birstner capping machine
  • Collishan weigh/count machine
  • Herma labelling machine

Please note that the individual machines that make up this line are also being offered separately.

3 Horn Noack Blister Packing Machines

Model numbers:

  • N920, complete with Laetus Polyphem 1030 Plus and Eisenmann + Kraft Sorter, Type – ESME 40;
  • DPN 866, complete with Laetus Polyphem 1030 Plus;
  • DPN 760, complete with Laetus TLU LED MS-110.

A Range of Other Pharmaceutical and Air Control Equipment…

  • 2 off HAPA 216-1 compact top-mounted flexographic label printing machines
  • HAPA H226-C label printing machine with integrated Polyphem 1030
  • Avery labelling machine, Model – DS151 LM
  • Omar Deblister packaging machine, Model Type Simpaty
  • Collishan Checkweigher
  • Breitner VS 511 Capping Machine. YOM – 1992.
  • Blister packing machines by the OEM China Ruian Antai Pharamceutical Machinery Co Ltd Zheijang, Model DPB-9
  • Blister Packing Machine by the OEM China Ruian Antai Pharamceutical Machinery Co Ltd, Model – DPB140 – sold on a spares or repair basis
  • A capsule filling machine by the OEM China Ruian Antai Pharamceutical Machinery Co Ltd Zheijang, Type NJP1200C, complete with a portable dust extractor (client says there is a fault with the capsule filler)
  • Several Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Units Model SRC40JJX-S, refrigerant R410A
  • Daikin Air Conditioning Set Model RSQSG100L8V1B
  • Rassinoux Shrink Wrap Palletiser, Type – BFA 1204-3939
  • Magnahelic 6 Station air pressure monitoring unit and a Hi Line Industries Air Filtration Unit
  • 2 off BT Compressor Services HIZORB50 Dryer stations
  • Several other items of equipment for use in a pharmaceutical environment including in the handling and filtration of air, the movement and weighing of product and printing on bottles.

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