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Bystronic 4020 6KW Laser Cutting Cell Added to Our February 2019 Auction

Sorry this item is now sold. If you are looking for a similar machine, please get in touch 

We have a late addition to our Valentine’s Day Auction – a fully operational  Bystronic 4020/Bylaser 6000 Laser Cutting Cell, complete with pneumatic pallet loading facility and all the essential support equipment to make a complete laser cutting cell purchase.

Some detail:

Laser Cutting Table 
OEM: Bystronic
Type: 4020C
Serial Number: 3750
Equipment Number: 10043467/30016029
Year of manufacture: 2012
Weight: 19700Kg
Made In Switzerland

Laser Generating Unit

OEM: Bystronic
Type: Bylaser 6000
Serial Number: R1217054
Year of manufacture: 2012
Equipment number: 10045051
Laser medium: CO2
Hours: TBC
Manuals: TBC
Wavelength: 10600
Max power: 6000W (6KW)
Maximum cutting capability:  Steel O2 – 25mm; Steel N2 – 12mm; Stainless steel N2 fine cut – 15mm;  Stainless steel N2 –  25mm; Aluminium N2 – 15mm
Click here to go to the OEM’s website

Pallet Loader

OEM – Bystronic

Type – BytransCross 4020

Serial No – 922

Eq No – 10043469

YOM – 2012

Weight – 7000 Kg

Made In Switzerland

Support Equipment

Process Cooling
OEM: Ernst H Fuhrer
Type: WKL 560
Serial Number: 0560.004/22605
YOM: 2012
Refrigerant: R407c

OEM: Donaldson Torit DCE
Year of manufacture: 2012
Model: 5,5 400/69, 0
50Hz, 3PH
Weight: 1,125Kg
Light Detection
The cell has light detection throughout by way of SICK light guards that are housed in robust steel enclosures

Floor Dimensions
The current configuration of the cell measures:  Overall Width – 14.5 Metres; Overall Depth – 13 Metres; Highest Point – 3.1 Metres

Sorry this item is now sold. If you are looking for a similar machine, please get in touch

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